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Your guide to California's new real estate rules and opportunities

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California just flipped from NIMBY to YIMBY

AB 2011

By-right, CEQA-exempt multifamily in certain commercial-zoned lots.

Builder's Remedy

Non-compliant cities can't block 20% affordable projects

SB 9

Lot splits are allowed in any single family lots, with one ADU each.

Infill projects will deliver strong returns, solve the housing crisis, and lower our climate impact

Real Estate returns are driven by acquisition costs, development risk, and housing prices. We believe infill projects will outperform based on fundamental advantages across all three.

  • Lower acquisition costs. The new rules dramatically expand the supply of developable lots, lowering their cost.
  • Lower development risk. Eligible projects are immune to California's notorious environmental and neighborhood reviews, removing major sources of delays and cost overruns.
  • High housing prices. California's roaring economy and desirable climate will continue to attract housing demand, and it will take millions of housing units to stabilize prices.

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